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Digital Agencies – A National Strategy For Businesses

The fastest growing industry and industry builder are in the digital market. To build your online business and open the floodgates of this opportunity, you must hire the right agency to manage your online presence. With so many options from SEO to social media marketing you first need to establish what you want to achieve and then find the company that can multi-task your requirements.



Your website doesn’t get the traffic it needs from search engines. This may seem like just about any digital agency can do SEO, but it is considered a discipline rather than skill. This type of marketing does go hand in hand with other forms of digital marketing such as email and social media. Make sure to consider a package program when considering SEO.

Are you willing to invest in pay per clicks? Have you calculated your PPC ROI? As it is, you need to engage the agency to see if there is a contract involved with their program and what their metrics is. Some offer a pay based on results which is constant with pay per clicks.

Do you have an app or are you willing to have one? Digital agencies should be able to management mobile marketing that includes the creation of the app and mobile marketing automation.

You have the traffic but not the conversion. This is a research problem. The agency you chose will have to use web analytic methods to find out why your core demographic comes to your door but doesn’t walk through. Make sure when you settle on a company you ask for their analytic metrics you need to know how they are analysing your data.

Now that you have established what your needs are, you need to find the agency that can fulfil them, the right way. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing an agency:

  • The internet is not a 9-5 business. If you are in a position with a business on the Gold Coast of Australia that requires marketing advise and especially in the beginning of the process, you want to be able to contact someone at 8 pm. Check to see if there is someone that could handle an emergency, should one arise.
  • Make sure the agency is ethically aligned with you. There are some backdoor ways to get top rankings online that could get your site bumped through no fault of yours. Make sure you know who you are dealing with.
  • Quarterly reporting. It’s your money; you need to know on a monthly basis. Three month breaks are too long.

Digital Agencies are a huge part of the e-commerce world. You can find many success stories online such as how digital transformation turned a 30 year old business into an online powerhouse. There are many agencies out there to help you in your profitable e-commerce ventures.