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Why Jumping On The Bike Is Great For You

The number of cyclists seems to be increasing year over year and it’s not a surprise. It is such a wonderful hobby and the market for it has grown so much that there is almost a bike out there for everyone. Cycling’s benefits are obvious, to begin with, but if you need more reasons to go to your bike store and pick up the hobby, here are some evidence why biking is great for you.

It is actually scientifically proven that people who have an active lifestyle have better mental well-being than those who do not. Exercise releases endorphins which are otherwise known as the happiness hormone. These are the hormones responsible for triggering a positive feeling in your body. But the thing about cycling is that not only are you releasing endorphins through working out, you are also not stuck inside a dreadful gym. You cycle outdoors where the air is fresh, and the views are nice. If this motivates you then you should also know finding bikes for sale is easy, take a walk down to your local bicycle shop or you could even use an online bike store to find your perfect ride. If not having someone to ride with is holding you back, then you should know that riding solo also gives you an opportunity to meditate and process your worries. Doing so in a pleasant environment lessens its dreadfulness and makes you more hopeful for the future.

Cycling also promotes weight loss. Being one of the highest calorie burning activity out there, chances are you are on the road to losing weight before you even intend to do so. Cycling burns 400 to 1000 calories an hour (depending on intensity) which is pretty much one meal of the day accounted for already. Of course, eating well comes with this weight loss equation but if you love cycling, you are pretty much effortlessly becoming healthy already. Of course, the fact that you are doing a nice cardio workout also affects your heart health and decreases your cancer risks in the long run.

Aside from weight loss, cycling is also a great way to build muscles. Although your upper body is not as affected as your lower torso, your glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings will improve as you go through your cycling routine. And who does not want toned calves? It’s leg day, every day. If you also want to take up cycling as a long-time hobby, it should be great to know that it is a low impact workout. It is not a weight-bearing activity so muscles are not as torn as commonly as if you were to go running. However, do note that there is still the risk of overuse injury and may affect your bone density.

Although it sounds contradictory, but a study suggest that people who ride bikes are less exposed to dangerous fumes than people who constantly travel by car, bus, or even those who walk. The study claimed that drivers experience five times higher pollution, walkers three and half times, and bus users two and a half times. Not only are you having a nice cardio workout but you are also giving your lungs a better disposition as well.

On top of these physical factors, cycling is also great economically. Picking up a reliable road bike means fewer opportunities to get on your car to do errands. This, of course, translates to less petrol consumed and less parking tickets paid. These definitely add up and the savings you incur may actually one day translate to the cost of your bike. If you are also living in a highly urbanised city, you may also find yourself saving time and skipping through traffic with your very compact transportation device. Time is gold after all.